Frequently Asked Questions
about Semantic Engines API

• How do you provide support for the API?

We provide email support and will attempt to resolve an issue quickly if it is on our side. We want you to succeed and will help you with technical and conceptual questions about the API. You will receive the contact information when you sign up. We are also constantly monitoring the health of the infrastructure to ensure that the services are running smoothly.

• Why have you opened the API to the public?

First of all, it has matured enough so that we feel comfortable passing it over to others. Second, we believe there are many talented and creative people out there who have great ideas about how to apply semantics, or process sentiment analysis data. Our API can serve as a high-quality and affordable solution for them.

• What protocols does the API support?


• What document formats do you process?

Default setup supports HTML and text. Other formats (including Microsoft Office) are available upon request.

• I want to customize the results or to get additional semantic/sentiment data. Can you customize the output for me?

It is possible that the customization that you are looking for is already available, but not exposed. If this is the case, we will open it up to you at no additional charge. If you are asking for a feature that is not there but might be valuable for other users, we will also consider implementing it free of charge.