Contextual Ads API

Contextual Ads API analyzes a webpage on-the-fly and identifies the most relevant advertising category for it. The categories are extracted using our proprietary semantic engine SenseBot.

Contextually-relevant ad is likely to attract the user's attention, maximizing the advertiser's revenue. These ads are viewed as a value-add by users, and have a higher chance to be clicked on.

The API is deployed in a computing cloud. This gives it virtually unlimited scaling capabilities to support client applications. The API supports SOAP and REST protocols (HTTP GET or POST).

API features include:
•  Analysis of the page and matching it to a relevant advertising category
•  Extraction of key concepts from a page
•  Support for SOAP and REST protocols (HTTP GET or POST)
•  Scalability - the API is deployed in a computing cloud.

API documentation is available upon request. UI tool is available to explore the capabilities of the API.

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