No more irrelevant ads!

Contextually-relevant ad is likely to attract the user's attention, maximizing the advertiser's revenue. These ads are viewed as a value-add by users, and have a higher chance to be clicked on. Our content-targeting solution LinkSensor analyzes a webpage on-the-fly and identifies the best matching advertising category for it. We use our proprietary multi-level taxonomy of ad categories to find the best match. We can also integrate with a client’s taxonomy if required.

Very often a webpage talks about more than one topic. For example, it may mention beauty supplies, parenting, driving a car, etc. Our semantic engine is able to understand the relative importance of each topic, and suggest the best matching ad category. We can also return all matching categories in the order of relevance.

Key advantages

•  High relevancy of ads to the webpage content
•  Extensive multi-level taxonomy of ad categories
•  Deep semantic analysis of the webpage content using semantic engine
•  Fast performance – split-second decision to pick the right ad category

LinkSensor is implemented as an API. The API receives a URL of the webpage and identifies the most relevant advertising category for it. If more than one ad category matches the page, they are returned in the order of relevance. The categories are extracted using our proprietary semantic engine SenseBot.

API features

•  Analysis of the page content and matching it to a relevant advertising category
•  Extraction of key concepts from a page
•  Support for SOAP and REST protocols (HTTP GET or POST)
•  Scalability - the API is deployed in a computing cloud. This gives it virtually unlimited scaling abilities to support client applications. New servers get created automatically in a computing cloud as the load grows
•  High performance - split second decision on the right ad category

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