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The following Firefox add-ons are available from Semantic Engines LLC. You can download any of them after agreeing to the Terms of Service below. The add-ons require Firefox browser version 1.5 or higher.

• SenseBot for Search Results adds SenseBot capabilities to your Google searches. THIS ADD-ON IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. After you add the add-on to your browser, it becomes seamlessly integrated with Google results page. When you do a search on Google, a "Summary!" button appears next to the search results. When you click on the button, a tag cloud of key concepts extracted from the search results is displayed. You can click on a concept to do a subsequent search, focussing on the concept. You can also click the "Show text" button, and a text summary of the search results will be generated and displayed on the same page. The "Options" page of the add-on allows to control the format and screen location of the results.
Note that summarizing multiple pages as a whole makes more sense for informational queries, i.e. those where you are trying to understand a concept or get an overview of a topic.

• SenseBot Summarizer is an experimental plug-in that generates a text summary of the Web page you are viewing. After you add the add-on to your browser, a menu item called "SenseBot" is added to the browser Tools menu. Also, when you right-click on any page, "SenseBot" appears as one of the actions. When you select the action, a popup window is opened containing a text summary of the current page.
Note that there should be a sufficient amount of text on the page in order to generate a summary. Sometimes even pages that are seemingly full of content do not fit this requirement (e.g., In this case the summarizer will inform you that the text is too short to summarize.

• LinkSensor semantically analyzes blog posts on-the-fly and highlights key concepts in the text. THIS ADD-ON IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. When your mouse goes over a highlighted word, a small balloon shows up suggesting other articles from the blog related to the concept. After you download the add-on, a menu item called "LinkSensor" is added to the browser Tools menu, and is also available in the mouse right-click menu.



If you understand the Terms of Service and agree to them, click on the link below to install the Firefox add-on. (If your browser blocks popup windows, you may need to allow popups from this site.)
Firefox will ask if you want to install the add-on - choose "Install Now", and then accept the "Restart Firefox" option.

SenseBot Summarizer

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